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Consumer instructions

As we pointed above, the strict observance of the Refrigeration Chain has substantial importance for you to enjoy the high quality of the KANAKI products.

1. Choose to make your purchases of products to be stored at controlled temperature in outlets you know and trust.
2. Choose the packaging. It must be intact. If a packaging is torn, open and re-closed by hand or damaged, buy another product.
3. The KANAKI products must be in refrigerators at the right temperature. The refrigerators of outlets are obliged to have a thermometer at a visible spot. Check the thermometer. For frozen it must show -18oC and for fresh +2oC till +6oC. If the temperature is higher, do not buy products from this refrigerator but inform the person in charge at the outlet.
4. Products from refrigerators must be bought always at the end just before going  to the cashier. Place them all together in the same bag. Those products cannot stand long out of the refrigerator. You must return immediately home and place them in the fridge or freezer. If you are driving, during the winter place those in the trunk though during the summer place them inside the car. It would be good to use one of those isolated bags which keep the temperature.
5. When you get home place them immediately in the fridge for fresh products or freezer for frozen ones.
6. Always use the products before the best before date. Always check the storage and defrosting instructions that are on the packaging of each KANAKI product for the right storage and use.
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