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Raw materials


To ensure the high quality of KANAKI Pastry Products, we have placed great importance on the quality of the raw materials we use. For a producer to join our list of suppliers, he has to go through a thorough inspection by a qualified team of scientists who evaluate all the parameters that affect the quality and safety of the product supplied. For each raw material, we set down technical and quality standards, which are often much stricter than those specified by law. Each raw material received must be accompanied by relevant certificates of analysis, which confirm the raw material’s compliance to our set specifications. At the same time, our own quality control department performs continuous tests.

Flour, our primary raw material, varies greatly with regards to its technical characteristics, depending on the type of dough it is intended for, said characteristics affecting the texture and durability of the end product. The flour is stored in special silos, and its transfer to the plant’s various production units takes place through aerial transfer pipes, without any human direct contact. 

The fillings used in our products and the search of the required materials have led us to travel across Greece and all over the world. Feta and myzithra cheese from cheese dairies in Epirus, authentic Gouda and Edam cheeses from the Netherlands, mozzarella from Italy, and cured meats from the most reliable Greek producers.

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