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Refrigeration Chain

All KANAKI products are stored at specific temperatures; fresh products are kept in the refrigerator, whereas deep frozen products are safely stored in the freezer. In all cases, the quality of the end product depends on the consistent observance of the refrigeration chain from the time of production until the time our products are to be used by the end user. Between the production and the end-user, come the storage, the transfer of product to the point of sale, the point of sale, the transfer of product from the point of sale to the consumer's home and the storage of the product in the consumer's domestic refrigerator.   Each link in this chain is equally important for the quality of the end product which reaches the consumer.

In order to comply with the strict requirements of the refrigeration chain during the various stages, during which the product is in our care, we have made an enormous investment: 
First, the products, depending on their nature, are chilled or frozen and taken directly to the specially designed cold-storage areas of our facilities in Magoula, Attica. In our purpose-built facilities, the products are kept in optimum temperature conditions until their transfer. We perform 24-hour temperature monitoring and any deviation from the optimum temperature conditions is immediately corrected. In case of power failure, power generators are put into operation immediately to ensure the optimum temperature for the cold-storage areas.

When the product is about to be transferred, it is loaded onto refrigerator trucks via a loading bridge, which allow loading without loss in temperature. The product is loaded into the refrigerator truck; the temperature in the trailer is appropriate to ensure that the transfer will not cause damages to or corruption of the product. Special temperature monitors record the temperature in the truck's trailer throughout the transportation process. Fluctuations in temperature immediately alert both the driver and the technical department, which ensures a prompt response to the issue.

For the unimpeded and quick transportation of products throughout mainland Greece and Crete, in-company departments have been established to oversee the storage and transfer of KANAKI products under entirely controlled conditions. Finally, our company’s highly trained personnel delivers KANAKI products to the points of sale under optimum conditions.

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