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Ταρτάκια Καταϊφιού με Μοτσαρέλα και Προσούτο

Small Kataifi Tarts with Mozzarella and Prosciutto


For 36 small tarts:
180 gr. melted butter
2 balls mozzarella, grated
200 gr. parmigiano, grated
150 gr. prosciutto, minced
250 ml creme fraiche
2 tbsp dry basil

Preparation - Steps

Prepare the small kataifi tarts according to the instructions. Add 1 tsp mozzarella, 1 tsp parmigiano and a little prosciutto in each opening. Sprinkle with a little basil and pour 1 tsp creme fraiche on top. Bake the small tarts in a preheated oven at 190˚C for approx. 15 min.

For the Small Kataifi Tarts:
Open the shredded dough, take a small quantity and fold it in your hands. Place the shredded dough in a non-stick form pan for muffins.

Press the shredded dough with your hands, so that it covers the bottom and sides, creating an opening in the center, exactly like a tart base. Pour a little butter on top.

Fill the opening with the stuffing ingredients.

A recipe by KANAKI.

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