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Κρεατόπιτα με Αρνί που περίσσεψε

Meat pie with lamb leftovers


3 Sheets of KANAKI Chilled COUNTRY STYLE Filo Pastry Filo Pastry
2 tbsp olive oil
350 gr. roast lamb
5 spring onions, minced
½ bunch dill with the sprigs, minced
¼ cup cognac

400 gr. ground cheese mix
150 gr. strained yoghurt
1 tbsp mild mustard
For the final sprinkling: Sesame, black sesame

Preparation - Steps

For the easy meat pie with lamb leftovers from Easter, first mince the spring onions.
In a saucepan, pour the olive oil and saute the onions for 2-3 min.
Add the roast lamb, minced, and the dill, and saute for 2 min.
Quench with the cognac and add the mild mustard. Leave it aside, until the juices fully evaporate.
The stuffing must be completely dry. Leave the stuffing to cool down completely.
Add the ground cheese mixture and the yoghurt to the stuffing; Salt and pepper to taste.
Open the pastry sheet on the kitchen worktop, lay it on its long side and fold it into a roll.
Tuck the joined parts under the roll.
Place the pie, with the joined parts on the bottom, on a baking pan layered with baking paper. Optionally, smear it with egg so that is shines, and sprinkle with sesame or black sesame.
Make 2-3 carvings on the pastry surface.
Bake in a well preheated oven at 180 °C in air on the middle rack for approx. 40 min, until golden brown and crusty. After baking, let it stand for 10 min and cut it in slices.

A recipe entrusted to us by Argyro Barbarigou.
For more information you can follow the link ->

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