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Hellenic Quality Foods or HQF, belongs to the I. Filippou Group of companies and it is the company that produces and distributes KANAKI pastry products and MIMIKOS poultry products. It is one of the largest food companies in Greece. The pursuit of quality, high nutritional value, and great taste for its products secure its leading position in the preferences of Greek consumers.

The love for tradition and gastronomy make KANAKI stand out, and through its products delivers delicious flavors with wholesome ingredients inspired by Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine..

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KANAKI stood out from the very first moment for its quality. After its acquisition by the I. Filippou Group of Companies, the small craft in Kamatero that was founded in 1980, transformed into a state-of-the-art factory in Magoula Attikis in 1993. In its new modern facilities, KANAKI introduced innovative products in the Greek market. In addition to its famous Filo Pastry and Kataifi, the company introduced Puff Pastry and Shortcrust pastry.

KANAKI Εγκαταστάσεις
KANAKI Eργαστήριο

The KANAKI factory meets the strictest specifications and requirements set by Greek and EU Legislation for the food industry. The quality control laboratories carry out numerous daily inspections and measurements in raw materials, semi-finished and final products to ensure compliance with all parameters that guarantee the high quality and safety of its products.

The KANAKI family grows with the introduction a new range of ready-to-bake products like the KANAKI Party Bites and frozen Pizza.  Country Style Pies, Spiral Pies, and Mini Calzone will be later added to the KANAKI family tree.

Today, thanks to its reliability and its PASSION for tradition and quality,  the KANAKI products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world.

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