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Λουκανικοπιτάκια με Σάλτσα BBQ

Small Sausage Rolls with BBQ sauce


1 package KANAKI Chilled COUNTRY STYLE Filo Pastry
250 gr. sausage
4 medium onions
2 tbsp BBQ sauce
½ Florina pepper
¼ kg gouda
Cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Fresh thyme
Chilli powder
½ bunch parsley

Preparation - Steps

In a frying pan, heat a little olive oil over high heat. Cut the onions in half, remove the core and cut in thin slices. Add them to the frying pan.
Once they soften, beat the cherry tomatoes in the blender and add them to the frying pan.
Mince the Florina pepper and the sausage and add them to the frying pan. Add the thyme, salt and chilli. Cook until the mixture thickens. Lay it in a baking pan and put in the fridge to cool down.
Once it cools down, add the parsley, minced, and stir.
Cut the pastry sheets in square pieces. Cut the cheese in thin strips.
Place 1 heaped tbsp stuffing on the pastry sheet, fold once, sprinkle a little water at the edges and roll to seal.
In a saucepan, heat 1 lt olive oil.
Cook the sausage rolls until golden brown.
Once they are cooked, lay them in a plate laid with tissue paper.
Leave them to cool down for a little and serve.

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