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Στρουντελάκια με Κολοκύθι, Πατάτα και Παρμεζάνα

Small Strudels with Zucchini, Potato and Parmigiano


1 package KANAKI FILO Pastry
1 kg potatoes
2 carrots
2 onions
2 zucchini
150 gr. parmigiano
Olive oil
10 broad-leaved basils leaves
2 tbsp parsley

Preparation - Steps

Boil the potatoes and carrots, cut the onion in small wedges; stir fry the zucchini, together with the onion and carrots.
Break the potato with a fork, add the parsley, basil, 100 gr. parmigiano, vegetables (stir fried) and olive oil.
Open the KANAKI Filo Pastry and oil each one separately. Place the stuffing inside and fold it.
Add a little water at the edge to seal it better. Preheat the oven at 180°C, with extra heat on the oven elements, and bake the strudels on the bottom rack, so that the base becomes golden brown. Open a few holes on the sheet, so that the strudel will not burst during baking. Bake for 30-40 min, depending on the oven, until golden brown.

A recipe entrusted to us by Giannis Apostolakis.

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