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Τάρτα με Κολοκυθάκια και Λιαστές Ντομάτες

Tart with Courgettes and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


1 package SHORTCRUST Pastry
2 small spring onions
500 gr. courgettes
12 sun-dried tomatoes
6 eggs
2 cupsmilk
50 gr. grated Gruyère cheese
200 gr. grated Feta cheese
a handful of fresh basil (or 2 tsp. dried basil)
salt, pepper
olive oil

Preparation - Steps

Wash and cut the courgettes into thin slices. In a saucepan, pour 1/4 cup of olive oil. Sauté the courgette slices for a few minutes; add a pinch of salt and remove from heat. Finely chop the onions, the sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. In a bowl, beat eggs with milk. Add the grated cheeses, courgette slices, sun-dried tomatoes, onions and basil. Add salt and pepper and blend all the ingredients together. Prepare the tart according to the instructions and bake for 40 minutes, on the lowest shelf of the oven. Serve the tart warm or lukewarm.

For making Tart in Rectangular Baking Tin:
Butter and flour the inside of the tin and line with one sheet of shortcrust pastry. Use your fingers to press the pastry against the sides of the tin. With a fork, pierce the pastry all over. Empty the filling into the tin.

A recipe by KANAKI.

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