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Vegan Κιμαδοπιτάκια με Κιμά Σόγιας και Λαχανικά

Vegan Minced Meat Pie with Soya Mince and Vegetables


1 package KANAKI FILO Pastry
1 1/2 cup soya mince
3 cups olive oil
1 cup peas
1 onion
1 carrot
1 can chopped tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
2 sprigs celery
2 sprigs thyme

Preparation - Steps

Mince the onion and saute it with a little oil.
Cut the celery and carrot in cubes.
Mince the garlic and add it as well.
Once saute, add the chopped tomatoes, water and leave it to cook for 30 min.
After the 30 min, add the soya mince and a little more water. Add the peas, herbs, and a little more salt. Cook until the mixture thickens. Leave it to cool down.
Cut the pastry in half. Take two sheets and add a little stuffing in the middle, fold them in rolls and seal the edges with a little water.
Repeat the procedure.
Fry them until golden brown.
Leave them to cool down and serve.

A recipe entrusted to us by Giannis Apostolakis.

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