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in 20 Round Shapes

Storage Conditions:

Keep in freezer (max -18°C) *** until the date "Best before" (see side of packaging). If not kept in the freezer, use it on the day of purchase.

Each package contains 2 separately packaged tens, with separating film between them to help you separate and thaw only as many as you need.


Thawing Instructions:

Remove from the packaging one or both bags of Shortcrust Pastry round pieces (depending on your recipe). Before using them, place them in the chiller compartment of your refrigerator from the previous night to thaw gradually, or let them thaw at room temperature for at least 2 hours. Thaw as many pieces as you need while keeping them covered. Do not try to fold Shortcrust Pastry that is not completely thawed because it might break. If that happens, place the two pieces next to each other and wait for it to thaw completely. Then press the two parts with your finger until they bond together again. It is recommended for the Shortcrust Pastry to be completely thawed but still cold, when you use it.  


Wheat flour, vegetable margarine ([non-hydrogenated vegetable oils {from: sunflower, cottonseed, soya} and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats {from: palm} in varying proportions], water, salt, emulsifiers [mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyglycerides of fatty acids, lecithin {from: sunflower}], acidity regulator [citric acid], color [b-carotene], flavor), water, salt.

The product may contain traces of egg, milk, mustard, sesame, and nuts.

Deep frozen product. Produced in Greece with EU and non-EU flour.

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Delicious recipes with SHORTCRUST Pastry in 20 Round Shapes

Ταρτάκια Σοκολάτας.jpg
Mini Chocolate Tarts
Πιτάκια με Προσούτο, Λιαστές Ντομάτες και Μοτσαρέλα.jpg

Mini Pies with Prosciutto, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Mozzarella

Καλτσούνια με ανθότυρο και δυόσμο.jpg

Pies with Greek Anthotiro Cheese & Mint

Kις λορέν με τρία αλλαντικά.jpg

Quiches Lorraines with 3 Types of Cured Meats

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SHORTCRUST Pastry in 20 Round Shapes here...

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