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Thick Filo pastry for pies kneaded with olive oil for extra crunchy sensation!

Thick Filo pastry for Greek pies and not only. Made from the premium quality flour, it is mixed with pure virgin olive oil to acquire the texture of traditional hand-kneaded dough. Thanks to the olive oil, when baked it becomes even more delightfully crispy and tasty. KANAKI  Filo Pastry Gourmet with olive oil is specifically made for traditional pies, but it is also suitable for a great variety of recipes which will be transformed into exquisite creations thanks to its thick texture and rich flavour.
Each item contains 6-7 sheets (dimension 48x35 cm).

Net Weight: 450g

Filo Pastry Gourmet with olive oil 450g

Traditional, country, filo, phyllo
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1. Storage instructions

Keep in freezer (max -18οC) *** until best before date (see side of packaging). If not kept in the freezer, use it on the day of purchase.


2. Defrosting instructions

Before using the Filo pastry Gourmet with olive oil, let it thaw at room temperature for at least 2 hours in its sealed packaging so that it won’t lose its moisture. Do not try to unfold Filo pastry that is not completely defrosted because it might tear apart. Once the packaging is open, keep the Fillo pastry covered with a slightly damp towel during the preparation of your recipe so that it will remain moist. 


3. How to use them

4. Ingredients

Wheat flour, water, corn starch, olive oil 2%, semolina (wheat), salt. Contains gluten. This product was processed on machinery that was used to process products containing milk and egg.

5. Nutrition Table

Energy 1233 kJ / 295 kcal
Fat 2.9g
of which saturated 0.4g
of which trans 0.0g
Carbohydrate 57.0g
of which sugar 0.2g
Protein 8.6g
Salt 1.17g
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