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Production process

A production process that respects our products’ special character and combines the reliability provided by industrial production with the enthusiasm and care of tradition has been set up for each of our products.

Our production facility in Magoula, Attica, has managed to combine the latest technology with traditional methods of production. Our long experience in pastry products has resulted in a serie of specially designed equipments based on our expertise for the production of KANAKI Pastry Products.

At the same time, we apply the strictest procedures with regards to cleaning and disinfecting our facilities. Special air filters bind air pollutants in order to block their entry into the production facilities, whilst temperature regulation in each production area is based on the sensitivity of the products each area handles.

The strict hygiene and safety conditions which apply in each, as well as the highest level of automation, guarantee optimum levels of safety for the end product and offer our customers the confidence  to buy our products for themselves and their families knowing that they are buying the best.

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